• 17:28 I'm Batman! #
  • 17:46 Bad Luck, Love & Lincoln: Jill Tracy w/ V. Vale (of RE/Search, pub steam book I'm featured in) @ SF Hypnodrome Fri tinyurl.com/jtracy #
  • 17:53 Lovebomb soirée burlesque day spa @ Club Mighty, 28 Jan 2-7P (DG vending!): upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1700070/ #
  • 19:42 RT @TotusMel: Very Vicious V-day Giveaway featuring art of @paynesgrey (an original exercise in longing and dread) tinyurl.com/c22uuo #
  • 20:42 The jury is still out on the chocolate-vanilla peppermint-coconut shake I just whipped up. It seems a tad...busy. #
  • 21:50 @xthread: Sounds like you got a bad case of broken martini there, son. Try adding more martini, and make it nice and dirty for me. #
  • 02:45 Productive day: straightening workshop (needs more organizing, but no bending/lifting for me yet), @steamteam biz. House clean, weekend ho! #
  • 02:51 Pretty prom dresses, rented tuxedos, crepe-paper, decorations AND a blood-curdling visit from the walking dead! tinyurl.com/zombieDNA #

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