• 11:19 My word, what a delicious day. #
  • 14:09 Lovely walk w/ Hoi Didymoi, and some great finds: mad scientist beakers, antique wooden feet (sorry, @choklit, no hands), button suspenders. #
  • 14:16 Bob Jorgensen's Workshop and Steam Engine Designs (via @make): tinyurl.com/dyowmz #
  • 14:20 RT @FarmSanctuary: Help farm animals & vote for projectmoomoomeow.com in Name Your Dream Assignment photo contest tinyurl.com/b2yvt8 #
  • 14:30 RT @SameSexKissDay: We hope to have 1000 twitter followers by 3 Apr, and 2000 FB kissers. Help spread the word! www.samesexkiss.org #
  • 14:33 @nadjarobot: Please to explain what are "weird teethy things." Thanking of you. #
  • 14:42 RT @Dark_Garden: Oh me, oh my... We've temporarily cut our production time in half for Built to Order/Ready to Wear corsets. Now only 4 wks! #
  • 14:47 Lost Zombies (@LostZombies) is a social network and community-generated documentary about the zombie apocalypse: www.lostzombies.com/ #
  • 15:11 RT @scazon: "Yeah? Well, YOUR MOM takes the dative. All night long." [ETA: Puerile noun declension humor FTW.] #
  • 15:18 RT @MontereyAq: Octopuses are playing games and solving puzzles at the Aquarium. bit.ly/ngOm #
  • 18:46 @paynesgrey, @slurketta: How pleasant to have your respective house sales behind you now! ♥ #
  • 19:12 Lo kasher! tinyurl.com/mmm-bloodcake #
  • 21:08 News Flash: Crustaceans Feel Pain (via @glueandglitter) tinyurl.com/daor8s [ETA: What ninny decided they didn't in the first place?] #
  • 23:08 I have on one green-striped sock and one purple-striped sock. Odd, I wore a pair *just* like this the other day. #
  • 02:24 The Book of Accidents (1831), designed for young children: tinyurl.com/5evcdn #
  • 02:31 It's 2:29 in the morning. Do you know what this MEANS? Because I don't. #

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