• 09:08 Reunited with Hoi Didymoi. *smug Bengal* #
  • 09:31 RT @craft: Call for Swap-o-Rama-Rama Volunteers For Maker Faire 09: one of the most fun, active areas at the Faire tinyurl.com/cun39h #
  • 09:36 The Monster Engine Book project: custom art inspired by children's monsters www.themonsterengine.com/openingpage.html #
  • 09:39 Monster-By-Mail: Just provide a monster name, they'll draw it (optional video of your monster's creation) www.monsterbymail.com/ #
  • 10:43 Quaking in my boots. #
  • 12:06 @unwoman: See you at Death Guild. I'll be the one in black. #
  • 13:58 Please note: The Professor does not care for parsnips. #
  • 14:00 Also, my new band name is: Rejected Parsnips. #
  • 18:04 Casket Furniture, for a lifetime and beyond: www.casketfurniture.com/ #
  • 18:15 Bloody Brilliant: 10 Blood-Themed Design Ideas (via @Gorify) tinyurl.com/d7xc6g #
  • 18:29 Via @laughingsquid: Twitter just updated @replies...now any references to you will show up, not just those listed first bit.ly/v3b3i #
  • 19:02 Traces of an Imaginary Affair is a kit w/ a set of 9 tools which can be used to create an imaginary affair: tinyurl.com/drama-llamas #
  • 19:57 @katealaurel: It's not 'shuffling' so much as 'shambling.' Zombie undergrads! I bet they're looking for books on melancholy Daaaanes. #
  • 20:12 Twitterer @nullalux received a grade of 97.7/100 on @grader. twitter.grader.com/nullalux #
  • 20:44 @LibbyBulloff: I adore homemade habanero-infused vodka in drinks, etc. I even added some to my pumpkin pie recipe: sublime. But wear gloves! #
  • 21:23 So says @shoutingboy, in response to my 80s playlist: In Soviet Russia, Eileen comes on you! #
  • 22:55 Heading out to DG, along with everyone and their mother, it seems! www.deathguild.com/ #

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