• 18:10 Invigorating bike ride, great jog and lunch w/ Hoi Didymoi = win. Bagel having stealth cheese = fail. Lovely dinner w/ @tutordennis = win. #
  • 19:39 RT @GoldenGatePark: Walk like an Egyptian... to the return of the De Young Museum King Tut exhibit, 27 June-30 Sept 2009 (Mon-Sun, 9A-9P). #
  • 19:42 My friend @slyviolet has created a blog for her whimsycore webcomic: telegramsfromlastfortnight.blogspot.com/ #steampunk #
  • 21:01 Just for the record, I don't swat flies. #Obama #
  • 21:03 Snacks on a Plane (Motherhugging Snacks on a Motherhugging Plane?) #nicerfilmtitles #
  • 22:07 A good front porch ought to have at least two goats. #

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