• 06:56P Help @slyviolet fund her wedding via Artfire. Become an Artfire fan on FB, then click 'like' on her comment: http://ow.ly/g7SY (pls RT) #
  • 08:57P Did you know that Cephalopod Tea Party has a LiveJournal feed? Cephalopodtea - Syndicated Feed Profile: http://ow.ly/g8ejabout #
  • 09:58P Fiend Magazine, Issue18 is the Steampunk issue: http://ow.ly/g8evabout #
  • 12:59A @astreaw: Best of luck on your interview! ♥ #
  • 01:00A RT @problogger: Checking out Twitter For Busy People - http://is.gd/1iRni [Very helpful site created by @bluejava] #
  • 01:01A RT @coilhouse: The Mystery of Home Decorating http://bit.ly/G7jaY [By @nadya, featuring gorgeous decoupaged ceiling and lovely housewares.] #
  • 01:02A RT @DougCoupland: Some people are only interested in people who are in pain. We call them either saints or vampires. #
  • 02:03A MAKE: Online - Vacuum tube chess set http://ow.ly/g8QD (via @make) #
  • 02:04A It sets off a flash and our memories take a picture... http://ow.ly/g8WZ (via @pleasefindthis) #
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