As promised, a brief analysis and summary of responses to my Ideologies and Affiliations Poll. Read more... )

Regarding the amusing Relationship Poll, several respondents seem to have very ambitious projections regarding my stamina in such matters! In truth, I have varying levels of intimacy with some of my lovely cuddlesome friends, but I maintain only a few more serious connections. I also feel compelled to note here that Spencer is my cat, and further, while he is quite a handsome gentleman, we have a strictly platonic relationship.

In a few days, I'll post a summary of the results from my recent polls, along with my answers. If you can't see the entry, add me to your LJ friends list and I'll be happy to add you in return. I'm finding it a very interesting experiment thus far.

I'll be staying with [ profile] fan_boy at BayCon this weekend (not so much for the programming, but certainly for the parties and shows). Ta!

A meme from [ profile] mactavish: 59 Queries )

For various reasons, I've been giving some thought recently to how we appear in real life and in our blogs. I identify with several ideologies and affiliations not readily apparent upon meeting me or reading my blog. Due to some recent conversations regarding being visible as a member of such groups or choosing to blend in and affect change from within, I thought it might be interesting to see how people in my life perceive my views. [Brief poll malfunction; if you filled it out earlier, please do so again. Apologies!]

[Poll #1191839]

[Poll #1191840]

In addition, [ profile] dangerpudding recently posted a charming poll asking readers to identify her current sweeties. I thought I'd do something similar, just for amusement. Relationship Meme Poll )


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