Cyborg Girl: Cephalometric Radiograph (side)

The Break )

So here's what happened with the surgery on 9 June. We completed everything on my to-do-before-the-surgery list by the previous night, and I went into the hospital with [ profile] tutordennis in the wee hours of that Monday morning. I was excited and a bit apprehensive, but ready. Staff at the hospital were friendly and helpful, and the pre-op procedures were smooth. Smiling and waving, I let go of his hand as they wheeled me into the operating room. Stereotypically, the last things I remember seeing were my main surgeon, my anesthesiologist, and a half-dozen other masked faces over me, and the bright lights above the table.

There can be certain potions needled in the clock for the body's fall from grace... )

Also, I now have awesome-looking x-rays.

Thank you, [ profile] curieuse: Take any 5 sentences from the first 15 entries found at String these sentences together in any order to create a narrative. Do NOT identify the progenitors or contexts of the original posts. No modification of grammar or punctuation is allowed. Post the result in your own journal for all to see. [I couldn't really do a narrative this time; everything seemed to lend itself to poetry (nonsensical, at that). Perhaps I'll try for narrative later.]

subjects are pointless ill make you cry and kiss me bloody. 9. Jestures of the articulators. Tounge, hart, non moving parts of the sate just exicted me for Rent. i need to talk to God. as gay as that sounds. Si no escuchas Miss Kittin; no eres COOL xD im a bloody genious

I love the spelling and mechanical problems. So perfect.


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