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That's about right, I guess. I wasn't shy, but I tended to have "best friends" with whom I spent time most often. I played a lot of different group and individual games, such as clubhouse and tea party, and with many different toys, like Speak n' Spell, Lincoln Logs, Barrel of Monkeys, Cooties, Pick-up Sticks, Mr. Potato Head, Legos, Tinkertoys, etc. I had lots of figures, like Star Wars, cowboys and safari animals. I had stuffed animals, in particular Misty Bear and Ali Gator, and a Cabbage Patch Kid named CeeCee. I also collected lots of stuff: rocks and minerals, coins, stickers, animal figurines, marbles, et al. At my grandparents' house, I played with Barbies, cards, and old family board games. I took lots of wandering treks down by the creek that ran through their property, and when we lived in the foothills, I took long hikes with our sheepdog Willy. I listened to records, like the Muppet Musicians of Bremen, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland and the Jungle Book. I read and read and read both fiction and non-fiction. I liked grown-up books, but I also enjoyed Nancy Drew, Laura Ingalls Wilder, the Narnia books, and Madeleine L'Engle, and I had several sets of children's encyclopedias that I read repeatedly. I liked arts and crafts, and my mom and I did tons of projects together. I watched some TV, mostly PBS stuff like 3-2-1 Contact, Wordsmith, All Creatures Great and Small, and Sesame Street, but also Scooby Doo, the Smurfs, etc. Later I watched the Six-Million-Dollar Man, the Bionic Woman, The Hulk, Superwoman, Magnum PI, and the like. I took lots of lessons: dance (ballet, jazz and tap), horseback riding, karate, swimming, and music. I don't remember an imaginary friend, but I used to narrate my life like a book in my head. I kept a diary (Hello Kitty with a little lock and key), too. It was even better than LJ.


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