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  • 10:47 Mazel tov to the Grub and family! There is now a Grublet, 9+ lbs! #
  • 10:50 @karenbynight: Sending bravery and good wishes to you and the Calvin-kitty this morning. Please keep us posted. #
  • 12:35 Sunny stroll with Hoi Didymoi; it's been a while. Feels wonderful! #
  • 15:10 Working PT this week; today was the first day I really felt on top of curriculum and management. Huzzah! #
  • 15:38 RT @eorchard: New project with Jeff Vandermeer [ETA: Eric's artwork is stunning; can't wait to see the cover.] #
  • 00:02 Indian dinner w/ @tutordennis, and—get this—I *chewed* my food! Bionic jaw? In effect. :D #
  • 00:06 Confession: Whenever I sing out loud, I'm really always singing to you, no matter where you are. #
  • 00:11 @Minafae: Subtract yourself? Might you fold up like a telescope? I must tender my most indignant disapproval of a world with less Mina. :) #
  • 00:32 My house is odd. 2 things I said this morn: "On the top shelf, under the giant glow-in-the-dark cricket" and "Right behind the bag of eyes." #
  • 01:33 @cosmos_moon: You're not alone; I also have way too much geeky fun with PowerPoint. I would hardly know how to present a paper without it. #
  • 01:42 Intense @violetblue column on SF's hot issue: DNA Lounge, LGBT discrimination (?), and suspect motives of CA's ABC #
  • 02:43 RT @dbvictoria: WETA workshop builds double amputee a mermaid's tail #

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For a long time when we were together, I couldn't remember B's birthday. Then I hit upon the perfect mnemonic: the day before the ides of March. Thenceforth, I would just think erev ides, and I'd remember. I desire more than I ought to desire.

I finally went to RAFT (the Bay Area's Resource Area for Teachers), and now I can't believe I'd never been. So much wonderful stuff, and for next to nothing. Books for days, office supplies, craft materials, even furniture and a technology section. I think I'll visit again on Tuesday, when I have the day off after my appointment. Speaking of, at the last one, the doctor mentioned again that my lower mandible is too small (apparently a common issue for small women of Asian heritage), and that they would like nothing better than to break both my jaws and wire my teeth closed for a couple of months in order to 'correct' it. This would also mitigate any future TMJ issues. I, however, am not overly fond of this idea. I've never had surgery, never even had my tonsils out. I don't mind dissection, but I feel that I should be dead before someone fiddles around with my insides.

There's talk of a movie tonight. Shall we see Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior, William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, or House of Flying Daggers?

It's sobering to realize how much children internalize from spending time with someone (in this case, with me). Sammy said today, "Ms. B—, I have a 'glow' and a 'grow' for you. The 'glow' is that your Spanish is getting better every day. The 'grow' is that you sound funny." Nice. [During Workshop, we give 'glows' and 'grows' when we give feedback.]

Then, a parent came to me after school with this anecdote: "Antonio was misbehaving, and I told him that he was being a bad boy. He responded that 'bad' was too absolute, and said that he was simply making some poor choices." She wanted to know where he'd heard that. I teach five- and six-year-olds, by the way.

Wow. There must be dozens of little parrots-through-a-glass-darkly by now. On the plus side, when our Instructional Coach came in to observe, she asked Jimi why the indefinite article 'a' was listed under the /eɪ/ sound on our Word Wall, when it's sometimes pronounced /ə/. He looked at her oddly and said "But, see, it has the diacritical mark that shows it turns into a schwa when you speak with fluency." Score.

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Eheu. I will not be attending Shaun of the Dead on Thursday, as I must coach grown persons in the fine art of diagramming sentences. Is this not taught in grammar school nowadays? Apparently not; the LIN 406 students called for an extra discussion session to go over parsing and other issues in preparation for this weeks' final. I enjoy diagramming, certainly; it's a relaxing and diverting activity (and my brain seems to take to it well). But I'd much rather be nibbling on salty popcorn goodness and watching zombies' heads explode.

On the contrary, first grade is treating me well this year. I love my students, and Ms. B—'s Bookworms have a really powerful classroom culture. Our morning cheer sums it up nicely. Read more... ) I don't know whether or not to stay in teaching for a while longer before moving on. This year has been fabulous so far, and I feel that I'm growing as an educator in many ways. Changing the lives and prospects of 20+ disadvantaged students (and their families) per year is an opportunity that should not be undertaken or relinquished lightly. But do I really want to spend my evenings away from my family for the next year, taking courses that don't speak to my inner predilections, in order to clear my credential? What I really want is simply to care for my critters, teach my (future) little ones the aleph-bet, read literature in the original, discuss it with peers, and work in my garden. Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas. Unfortunately, seeking truth doesn't come with a salary.
Bullet point summary:
·Tonight's Back-to-School Night was awesome. They laughed at my jokes, but not at my translations (always a plus).
·New glasses! Although [ profile] threetimes pointed out that now I look even more like the chick from Ghost World.
·We wowed the LIN 406 folk yesterday with our fabulous presentation of a phonemic word wall and our persuasive argument for an early childhood literacy program based upon phonemic awareness and sound-spelling correspondence.
·Teach For America Bay Summit this Saturday, at which many grad schools and public interest organizations will be wooing us beyond our current oh-so-lucrative placements (there's a life after TFA?).
·L'Shanah Tovah!
nullalux: (Aorist)
( Sep. 12th, 2004 04:51 pm)
When all else fails, put your trust in the Greek. The LIN 406 students were kvetching about inflected morphemes in English, so I showed them the paradigm for ὁ κύκλος. One of them asked, "What are those words before each noun?"
"That's the definite article the," I replied.
"Which one is?"
"They all are. There's 24 forms (not counting the vocative, of course), depending on its gender, number and case, or use in the sentence."
Everyone worked with great industry for the rest of the session. I didn't even have to bust out the conjugation of λύω. As my first Greek professor used to remind us, the unflayed man is not educated.
Well, on Saturday, I made nummy portabello sandwiches for dinner, with which we enjoyed a nine-year old bottle of the raspberry-peach mead that Dennis, B, and I brewed together and just recently rediscovered in the garage. We then watched the first few eps of The Tick. Even in the live-action version, there are enough tropes to keep me amused.

Class prep began this week, and I just met my students today. Such shining faces. It almost makes up for the insanity of getting my classroom together. The instructor that used my room over the summer pretty much leveled everything, and left a lovely mess besides. I feel as though I've caught a bad case of anvils (i.e. falling from the sky). NB: [ profile] tutordennis has gone above and beyond the call of duty, sifting tirelessly through the chaos with me. Well, that might be hyperbole; there's been weariness aplenty.


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