• 14:18:00: My tentacular Octo-shirt arrived yesterday! Thankies to @kimvermillion. http://kimboekbinder.com/store.html
  • 15:18:05: Baking booberry muffins with vanilla buttercream frosting, topped by red and blue sprinkles.
  • 16:23:23: Good Earth sun tea is brewing in the yard, Gili is basking nearby in his outdoor area, and there are various visitors to our bird feeder.
  • 20:09:24: At @rombarella's b-day/4th of July BBQ. Festivities abound.

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Tonight...we dine...in Virginia!
  • 12:36 Out for a midday jog w/ Hoi Didymoi. Just ran past a fellow w/ ~30 pens in his shirt pocket. #
  • 14:01 RT @Exploratorium: Happy Bike to Work Day, San Francisco! Don't forget to check out our Science of Cycling site: tr.im/kSp2 #
  • 15:34 RT @CurioCabinet: Intriguing art made with teeth - click numbers on bottom to see all bit.ly/n181H #
  • 15:40 Congrats to my friends who made @fitzwillie's 100 Geeks to Follow List: bit.ly/mhwZu #
  • 15:54 We almost made it back unscathed, but were felled at the last moment by a proud pug. In broad daylight! Now recovering w/ frosty beverages. #
  • 16:16 Hey, @nullalux is on @openzap: openzap.com/?show=nullalux #

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  • 10:34 RT @CurioCabinet: The Morbid Anatomy Cabinet or Gallery as Wunderkammer show www.barristersgallery.com/morbidanatomy.html #
  • 11:47 Planned and cooked an entire breakfast this morning just so I could use the word snausages. Hehe. Snausages. #
  • 11:56 Happy anniversary to @ljellis and @ellric! #
  • 12:49 The late Amy Espie's @Houserabbit work helped shape me as an HRS volunteer/activist. www.rabbit.org/amy (+priceless dog/cat/bunn vid) #
  • 13:20 The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday - but never jam today. #
  • 14:19 May is National Masturbation Month! Celebrate with your own Masturbate-a-thon: masturbate-a-thon.com/ #
  • 14:21 Also, I've always wanted to say this: *dramatic pause* It was Colonel Mustard, in the Masturbatorium, with the lead pipe! #
  • 14:50 @teawiththecheat: I'm wearing the cute polkadot knee-highs you gave me, but you know most knee-highs are thigh-highs on me! #
  • 14:55 Fashion query: Do tentacles go with polkadots? #

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  • 08:58 The incomparable AlexCF has done it again: Anthropomorphs; the origin of the faerie alexcf.com/blog/?p=232 #
  • 09:01 6th edition of the "Gatehouse Gazette" now available for free (alt history issue): tinyurl.com/cs5t5w #
  • 10:06 It's Be Kind to Animals Week: tinyurl.com/dcmlta #
  • 11:27 Spread the word about compassionate and sustainable eating via vegan waffle parties in May '09: tinyurl.com/VegWaff #
  • 12:34 RT @Phineas: A little Octophant told me that a couple new prints just got posted: octophant.us/ #
  • 14:38 Damn you, @jong. I'll never sleep again. tinyurl.com/d4aca6 #
  • 14:50 Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to my colleagues! (And trust me, we really don't need any more mugs.) www.nea.org/grants/1359.htm #
  • 15:01 Sniffing the yummy custom caramel-scented conditioner I made at Body Time in Berkeley this weekend: tinyurl.com/BTcustomscent #
  • 15:04 Also, the orange-rosemary sorbet we had at Tara's Organic Ice Cream totally changed my life. www.tarasorganic.com/ #
  • 21:42 Didymoi time, crazy-necessary massage time, Indian food time. I like those times. #

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  • 14:53 Happy First of May, my dears! tinyurl.com/ckht3m #
  • 15:17 RT @CurioCabinet: The 3/50 project to save small businesses tinyurl.com/chfrkc #350proj #
  • 15:49 Many happy returns of the day to @the_end_is_nigh, @Dark_Garden, and @zhaneel! #
  • 15:54 @karenbynight: I use 'via @reply' if I'm not directly quoting the orig Tweet. I use 'RT @reply' otherwise. Does position in Tweet matter? #
  • 17:49 Our box turtle Gilgamesh is humping his driftwood. Again. Seriously dude, *what* is your childhood trauma? #
  • 01:11 Wonderful dinner and Buffy-viewing w/ Rabbit. And there's Blueberry Lemon Creme filled cupcakes ready to go for @Xenarthra's birthday tmw. ♡ #

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  • 08:14 Crepes with Rabbit before ortho and dentist appts this morning. #
  • 10:26 Today, 24 April, is Etsy Day! Support the building of a new economy by buying, selling and living handmade: www.etsy.com/ #etsyday #
  • 11:03 Ortho went very well; now enjoying one of the massage chairs at my dentist's office. #
  • 13:57 Brevity is the soul of Twit. Creative brevity changes the world: spillspace.com/2009/brevity-is-the-soul-of-twit/ #
  • 14:12 The tentacular Cephalopod Tea Party blog is having a fabulous contest upon reaching 50 followers! tinyurl.com/CTPmotivation (pls RT) #
  • 15:40 Neat! I'll be covering the steampunk presence at @makerfaire '09 for the Storque, the official Etsy Blog. www.etsy.com/storque/ #etsy #
  • 17:27 Cooking up some pasta primavera with whole wheat rotelle. #
  • 18:11 My Twitter personality: renowned, inquisitive, cautious. Style: garrulous academic ROBOT. twanalyst.com/nullalux [Academic robot?] #
  • 18:22 RT @cephalopodcast: WTFish? "Live shark dumped on Aussie newspaper's doorstep" bit.ly/f0ISI [If it was activists, why kill a shark?] #
  • 18:55 @Xenarthra: Chrome? Please. You know I'm all aged brass and hardwood. I'm down with 'Sing, muse, of the melodrama of machinery' though. ♥ #
  • 19:30 RT @LostZombies: "The 25 Most Essential Jobs During a Zombie Outbreak" bit.ly/f9x79 #
  • 19:55 I love that the "#" is called an octothorp. Just saying. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_sign #
  • 20:14 RT @Gorify: SF Bay Area, zombies wanted to join horde www.craigslist.org/about/best/sfo/20433992.html [Gotta love Craigslist.] #
  • 22:26 Made gingerbread; perhaps it will accompany us to @xthread's brunch tmw. Also sipped fine Bourbon County Stout: tinyurl.com/GIBCS #
  • 22:40 The easiest way to sex your cockroach (kids ask the darndest things): www.boingboing.net/2009/04/24/science-question-fro.html #

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  • 03:10 RT @mollyfried: The Veritas Unicoder, a functional cyphering/Miskatonic translator! tinyurl.com/cvkm86 #
  • 09:41 Theriaca Fina and @nullalux just joined the Handmade Twibe. Visit twibes.com/handmade to join. #
  • 13:55 According to @calshakes, it's "Talk Like Shakespeare Day" (btw, half-price Romeo & Juliet tix today only): talklikeshakespeare.org #
  • 14:08 @unwoman: Oh, the joys of being "that girl from the internet" await you. :) #
  • 14:23 Former student sends stripper to 10-yr reunion in her place, films "I Remember Andrea" documentary: tinyurl.com/AndreaCricket #
  • 14:26 RT @Exploratorium: Exploratorium fans! We need your VOTE; nominated for 2 Webbies (Science & Education) tr.im/iUEH #
  • 14:47 Insects are efficient and compassionate, ruthless and amazingly intelligent at the same time: tinyurl.com/10insectfacts (nice photos) #
  • 14:51 @olorle: That's known as the @steamteam bump, baby. (We twittered about your blog, and we have almost 600 followers.) #
  • 15:12 Via @craft: This Saturday (26 April) is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day www.pinholeday.org/org/ #
  • 17:49 Promoting for a friend: Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries, Victorian reproduction clothing, other whimsical goods. www.blooddrop.com/ #
  • 18:23 Giggling over some of @cockerham's brilliant tomfoolery. www.cockeyed.com/ #
  • 18:28 The Tragedic Comical Historie of Buffy the Slayer of the Vampyres: lifeamgood.com/bu_sh_pro.htm #
  • 18:34 Drastic changes to 7th ed of MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, my secular citation bible: tinyurl.com/prescriptivistHO #
  • 18:39 Modern Medical Marvel: Fir Tree Grows in Living Man's Lung tinyurl.com/FirUral09 #
  • 18:47 Pathological Waxworks, "Palacio de la Escuela de Medicina" in Mexico City (anatomy, NSFW): tinyurl.com/pathological-waxes #
  • 22:17 Perhaps my alt massage therapist will do. He hurt me in all sorts of lovely ways tonight. #

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  • 03:16 Oh dear. Steampunk for n00bs: tinyurl.com/ctfjv2 #
  • 03:24 Public domain photographs from the National Museum of Health & Medicine: www.flickr.com/photos/medicalmuseum/sets/ #
  • 09:07 Avoided caffeine all week with no repercussions, but this morning calls for tea. #
  • 09:53 Applications for vending at the Hand Car Regatta & Exposition '09 in Santa Rosa, CA (27 Sept) are available: tinyurl.com/regatta-vend #
  • 09:59 RT @ecoworldly: Chimps Show 'Sugar Daddy' Sex Roles ecoworldly.com/?p=2729 #
  • 10:30 RT @ZombieRiot: If zombies aren't supposed to eat you, then why are you made out of meat? #
  • 12:04 Just noticed my phone's been off all morn. "You have twelve hundred messages." "Hmm, that *is* a bit above average." #
  • 12:07 Only together can we Help Lee Presson: tinyurl.com/cumjdp #
  • 12:21 The Daily Show explores the meaning of Passover: tinyurl.com/czcg2t #
  • 12:27 Flutter: The New Twitter tinyurl.com/abogcw #
  • 12:49 Lacing and Corset Care 101: How to Make Getting Tied up a Cinch @Dark_Garden 21 April (7-9P), more info: uniquecorsetry.blogspot.com #
  • 12:56 Eating peas and copy-editing. There was a mutant pea in my bowl and I almost circled it with my red pen. #
  • 13:22 RT @Richard_Kadrey, via @neilhimself: “Zombies are a metaphor for being eaten by dead people.” #
  • 14:00 Wacky car shenanigans. Keep those pointy nails away from your wheels, kids. On the bright side, we have four new tires. #
  • 14:43 New posts on Cephalopod Tea Party (Campbell's soup art by S. Steblina and SquidSoap by Airborne®): cephalopodteaparty.blogspot.com/ #

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  • 10:11 My Twibes picks, steam name-dropping edition: @LibbyBulloff, @vonslatt, @Datamancer, @slurketta, @VonClaret, @nathanfhtagn, @ettadiem... #
  • 10:22 ...@3liza, @krononaut, @aethernet, @Aether_Emporium, @mollyfried, @Steampunksp, @machinafatalis, @kaden_harris, @satiredun twibes.com #
  • 12:41 Internet down at work. Heaven forfend. #
  • 14:31 Ποῖ ὁ χρόνος; #
  • 15:19 Step back into the bizarre, alternate 1900s history of the Daze of Our Lives world: www.dazeofourlives.com/ (Peruse the Archives) #
  • 16:02 Via @imogenheap: Love words? Keep them alive. savethewords.org/ #
  • 19:40 Just entered a sweepstakes for a chance to win a copy of 'Pride & Prejudice & Zombies' from @twit2win. Enter at twit2win.com #Zombies #
  • 19:52 Possible zombie outbreak in the news (article comments = awesome): tinyurl.com/MetairieZed #
  • 20:02 Rava masala dosas w/ @tutordennis. Then salon visit to get my hairs cut. Now, kung-fu. #
  • 20:39 Freyliche Pesach! #
  • 22:03 My friend @pomegranates has her own little owlery: twitpic.com/319st (One of her owl families hangs in my bedroom...so enchanting.) #
  • 23:06 RT @Qnonymous I like imagining the recurring bit actors in Law & Order are reprising their roles and […] just have impossibly horrific lives #
  • 00:14 RT @peanutgnome: Careful, those aren't Easter Eggs—a new blog post on www.peanutgnome.com/ #halloween #prop [Alien Easter bunny mod] #
  • 02:18 Deep Sea News: Deep-sea Science via Deep-sea Scientists deepseanews.com/ (they recently featured @Noadi's delightful critters) #
  • 02:46 Artfire is a free community designed for artisans to buy/sell unique handmade items and designs: tinyurl.com/ArtfireReferral #

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  • 09:20 A misty, moisty morning. #
  • 09:23 With Only 20 Left, Australian Bat Could Be Extinct within Weeks ecoworldly.com/?p=2625 #
  • 09:33 Hey, @missionpie is making matzah for Pesach this Weds and Thurs. #
  • 13:50 RT @twibs: For those who wanted to add your "real-world" business name to your Twibs profile: teamtwibs.blogspot.com/ #
  • 14:29 Conservation FAIL: tinyurl.com/d8h8k7 (rare megamouth shark caught, eaten) #
  • 15:26 Vintage clip art gallery: graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/ #
  • 19:44 Out to dinner with the Scoobies, SLO punks edition. Jinkies. #
  • 19:59 Fabric store hijinks. Mmm, I totally need another violet bustle skirt, don't I? #
  • 20:28 Oh, well done! @LibbyBulloff reveals more of her food pr0n set: tinyurl.com/foodpr0nstudio #
  • 21:28 Weird Medical News blog: weirdmedicalnews.wordpress.com/ #
  • 21:34 My 8% chance of getting a tapeworm is likely due to the quiz not having an 'I don't eat beef' choice www.heyquiz.com/quiz/tapeworm #
  • 23:36 Congrats to @estonia76 on her Easter bunny dissection being featured on @BoingBoing: tinyurl.com/cx69g7 #
  • 23:37 RT @sfslim: In the 90's: in the bathroom, doing blow. In the 2000's: in the bathroom, twittering. (For your consideration: which is worse?) #
  • 23:43 @Neuroptik78: Bitches, man. :D #

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  • 09:11 All owl, all the time. Livestreaming baby owl cam: www.ustream.tv/channel/scgtv-owlcam #
  • 09:15 @hobbinator: I'm so so sorry to hear about Smokey. Small consolation, but you've done right by him, and I'm sure he knows it. #
  • 09:19 RT @bust_magazine: the world will be saved by the EPIC CUTENESS OF THIS HEDGEHOG: pixdaus.com/single.php?id=135192 #
  • 14:01 Speechless. In a good way. #
  • 14:28 The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle. ~Anais Nin #
  • 14:37 Many many hippos and birdies and questionable massage devices to @spaghettisquash on her birthday! ♥ #
  • 14:58 Twibes picks, kinky theme: @KinkySalon, @Thrillpeddlers, @violetblue, @zivity, @MoBHQ, @pollysuperstar, @profviolet, @nerdgirlpinups... #
  • 14:58 ...@BlowfishTwitter, @HubbaHubbaReview, and @Bondageagogo. More at www.twibes.com/. #
  • 15:02 Attn Artisans & Purveyors of Fine Goods! Registration for both the Steamcon Art Show and the Vendor’s Room is now open: www.steam-con.com #
  • 18:16 Next year in Twitter: A Facebook Haggadah (only slightly-weirded Passover story as told via FB) tinyurl.com/PesachFB #
  • 18:23 The wind-chimes are going wild today. Love it. #
  • 18:37 Twittersheep generates a tag cloud of the interests of your followers. Check out my flock at: twittersheep.com/?nullalux #
  • 18:56 RT @skydiver: @realgeeksride is 2 geeks biking across the USA to get geeks to bike to work. Buy them lunch! bit.ly/JhHZs #
  • 20:01 Lethally poisonous snakes are nice and cute and all, but [...] the interesting action really is: cephalopods. tinyurl.com/cephveno #
  • 20:23 Craftastrophe (@craftastrophe): Because Handmade Isn't Always Pretty craftastrophe.net/ [The Peekaru is giving me a John Hurt moment] #
  • 22:44 Mojitos and that one episode of South Park. #
  • 22:56 Just this once, it wasn't the octopus: tinyurl.com/worm-ish #

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  • 07:40 Feeling owlish. Hooo, hooo... #
  • 09:24 Skulls Unlimited International: The World's Leading Supplier of Osteological Specimens skullsunlimited.com/ #
  • 09:30 While getting out of shower, tried to explain owl vid (tinyurl.com/babybarnowls) to @tutordennis w/ intern'tl language of dance. #
  • 09:31 In retrospect, I ought not to have been surprised that he found this amusing, particularly as I was nude with a towel turban on my head. #
  • 09:40 My only contribution to "Be Annoying on the Internet Day" is: kevan.org/brain.cgi?chalepa_ta_kala Now let's move on, shall we? #
  • 20:12 Lazy lunch in Central Park w/ Hoi Didymoi. Now at the Metreon for sushi and Coraline w/ @tutordennis. #
  • 23:28 Can't sleep...the other mother will eat me. #
  • 00:41 RT @Musique174: Supercalifragilisticexpialadammit! #
  • 00:48 @cephalopodcast: I ♥ recreational taxonomists. #
  • 00:56 @DocPop: Mmm, durian milkshakes... #
  • 01:06 @cosmos_moon: Right there with you. I foresee losing at least 1.5 fingers before Maker Faire. #

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  • 08:07 ♫ And I remember even though it felt soft at the time, I always used to wake up sore. ♫ blip.fm/~3b718 #
  • 09:21 Ophelia removed "moody princes" from her interests. www.angelfire.com/art2/antwerplettuce/hamlet.html #
  • 09:21 Boiling water for tea. There is balm in Gilead. #
  • 09:39 Happy Ada Lovelace Day! findingada.com Ada helped program Babbage's Analytical Engine, wrote 1st descrip of computer/software. #ALD09 #
  • 10:46 RT @Vegimentary: Did you know there are over 15,000 varieties of rice? #
  • 10:55 RT @jilltracymusic: Ornate, glittery little box from fav forensic pathologist. Inside, collection of human gallstones. The evening begins. #
  • 12:08 Hm. I didn't Twitter at all yesterday? Where is my mind? ♫ blip.fm/~2ewsu#
  • 14:17 RT @satiredun: Oh, the warehouse: siren song of soot, sweet smell of slag, late night lathe lullaby. Sing to me with your tongue of steel... #
  • 14:30 Teeny SF art installation (an unexpected recontextualization of the urban experience, done to dollhouse scale): tinyurl.com/SFtinyart #
  • 17:56 @nathanfhtagn, @VonClaret: A well-made custom corset shouldn't be uncomfortable, even for performers. I recommend @Dark_Garden. ❤ #
  • 19:30 Just received my stunning tatted cuffs from @TotusMel (featured in Belle Armoire: tinyurl.com/BAnovdec)! tinyurl.com/TMcuffs #
  • 19:39 Via @azurelunatic: Live demonstration of Turing Bombe replica (legendary Enigma-busting kit) tinyurl.com/dko6dq #
  • 20:28 @eorchard: Thanks for the link; we just featured Stef Choi's work on Cephalopod Tea Party: cephalopodteaparty.blogspot.com/ #

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  • 09:32 The world's so bright and beautiful I have to look away, braced against the beauty of another perfect day: tinyurl.com/JoCoBlueDay #
  • 10:16 RT @calacademy: Free day (Wachovia Weds) tmw means we will be busy! Come early & take advantage of public transit to avoid parking hassles. #
  • 10:38 Twouble with Twitters: Friends don't just shout randomly into the darkness and hope someone's listening... tinyurl.com/failwhale #
  • 11:50 Be Direct or Be More Interesting, via @Ragani: tinyurl.com/TweetVividly (help your Tweeple by clueing them in or leaving them out) #
  • 11:52 RT @littleturkey: I've decided that all pubic hair alterations henceforth be known as "bang trims" #
  • 12:27 Hey, it's @neilhimself having a bit of a chat with @StephenColbert: tinyurl.com/GaimanColbertSeg #
  • 13:25 Look warily to the skies today and remember the mighty Air-Kraken! tinyurl.com/HappyAirKrakenDay #
  • 13:57 I am not wearing green. I am wearing orange. This was not meant as any sort of statement. About anything. Except the coolness of my socks. #
  • 14:13 Oh noes, the SF Mr. Pickle sign has been stolen, er, picklenapped: tinyurl.com/colgkd #
  • 17:36 It's gorgeous out; a fine day to stroll home from work. But egads! There seems to be a plague of horrible little dogs going for walkies. #
  • 18:37 That last pair of alarmingly pleased pugs was almost the end of me; thank goodness I was able to duck into nearby Jamba Juice. Smoothie? #
  • 19:05 RT @Etsy: Ex-boyfriend nesting dolls... tinyurl.com/czrooh [ETA: o_0] #
  • 19:32 A Burning Opera: How to Survive the Apocalypse (BM-inspired Dionysian vaudeville rock opera revival) www.burningopera.com/play.htm #
  • 21:07 Plotting and planning with @steamteam for @makerfaire 2009. www.makerfaire.com/ #
  • 23:43 Oh. Were we supposed to drive those snakes OUT? My bad. #

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  • 13:43 WHO are YOU? #
  • 13:47 @abditus: No hamantashen?!? Hie thyself to the Grand Bakery, stat. P.S. whoever invented Nutella hamentashen should be publicly flogged. #
  • 14:07 RT @olorle: Lunch is a myth. #
  • 14:42 RT @dougygyro: S.F. may crack down on 'flash mob' antics ping.fm/M4ig2 #
  • 16:52 I have been advised not to fast today. And I'm not enjoying eating this brownie, no Sir. #
  • 18:20 @pomegranates: Your sweet Aster the tea-bearing octopus has been featured on Cephalopod Tea Party! cephalopodteaparty.blogspot.com/ #
  • 18:37 @susankrlib: Hee. Ta'anit Esther, of course. Have fun tonight! #
  • 18:42 Fab artist @enolarama is starting a new feature on her blog, the dreaming sea, about FREAKY DEEP SEA THINGS! tinyurl.com/freakysea #
  • 19:45 The CGSociety's steampunk-themed Indiv Video Master Award went to 'Hemlock' by Tyson Ibele: tinyurl.com/hemlockvid (my personal fave) #
  • 22:05 Once more unto the breach, and all that. #
  • 00:23 You have witchcraft in your lips, Kate. #
  • 00:40 @moonfrye: From up in the sky, they're just people; but from here, they're liars, cheaters, and thieves: tinyurl.com/VLfly #

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  • 14:17 RT @choklit: Huzzah - Stache and Skyeboy's Hennepin Crawler is also in the new MAKE mag! tinyurl.com/make-kbc #
  • 15:20 Kept pointed filigree ring on since trip to Borderlands. Still regretting lack of "What Shat That?" book though: tinyurl.com/WSTbook #
  • 15:23 Happy National Grammar Day! nationalgrammarday.com/ #
  • 15:36 The @Exploratorium (Museum of science, art, and human perception in SF) has free admission today. www.exploratorium.edu #
  • 15:42 Confession: You told me in which direction to look to find a rainbow during sunny storms. Since then, I don't even mind driving in the rain. #
  • 15:58 @kimvermillion: Now I want pie. #
  • 19:46 @ZKitten: In a bio, I'm always tempted to write: "I make things. Usually, I make a mess." But srsly, trot out your credentials, girl! #
  • 23:42 Wizard. Somebody find my pants. #
  • 01:09 MAKE: Talk's inaugural radio show Fri, 12P PT/3P ET, featuring @garethb2 and @vonslatt! Listen here: www.blogtalkradio.com/maketalk #
  • 01:34 ThinkGeek/Instructables contest: create w/ any ThinkGeek product, publish on Instructables, prizes for best mods tinyurl.com/hackmod #

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