• 14:18:00: My tentacular Octo-shirt arrived yesterday! Thankies to @kimvermillion. http://kimboekbinder.com/store.html
  • 15:18:05: Baking booberry muffins with vanilla buttercream frosting, topped by red and blue sprinkles.
  • 16:23:23: Good Earth sun tea is brewing in the yard, Gili is basking nearby in his outdoor area, and there are various visitors to our bird feeder.
  • 20:09:24: At @rombarella's b-day/4th of July BBQ. Festivities abound.

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  • 11:17 My dessert kitty trifles were NOMinated for @Epicute: ow.ly/fL8r #
  • 13:22 Embracing the Journey - Tinahdee Beautiful Jewelry's custom silver tag giveaway: ow.ly/fLQ5 #
  • 13:28 Mustaches on a stick! For those special moments... ow.ly/fLSw #
  • 13:35 But in his velvet mind he believes with all his might we'll all go to Alaska when we die: bit.ly/VWCNY #
  • 13:45 Perfect cuddly gifts for like-minded sociopaths. Get your Squash-plush toys while they’re still fresh off the tarmac: ow.ly/fM0H #
  • 14:15 I can hardly wait for my newest @kimvermillion creation to arrive: Kim Boekbinder's charming tentacle shirt ow.ly/fM9V #
  • 14:22 RT @TotusMel: Just finished making and listing this tatted bracelet in brown and brass tinyurl.com/lat39u [Beautiful!] #
  • 15:23 Help name one of @gryph0n's three new steampunk-style digital collages: tinyurl.com/nyylvp #
  • 15:24 RT @choklit: Bay Area locals... hurry forthwith to the Krank-Boom-Clank fundraiser on this coming Sunday! tinyurl.com/kbc-fundraiser #
  • 15:47 RT @steamteam: Our own @choklit has blogged a photo-laden love-letter about @steamteam's @makerfaire experience: ow.ly/fMuv #
  • 16:29 Munching pesto garlic bread and reading Belloc's "Cautionary Tales for Children," as illustrated by Edward Gorey: ow.ly/fMC1 #
  • 00:36 Captain Browneo is for medicinal use only. Or so I'm told. #

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  • 00:02 Lunch and poking around an old antique shop with @Xenarthra, then dinner with @teawiththecheat, @dicedork, and @tinellaq. #
  • 00:07 Tonight, celebration w/ @tutordennis and his math dept colleagues. Our host is an amazing chef: veg lasagna and berry-champagne mint sorbet. #

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  • 12:05 Had to taste the blueberry compote and lemon buttercream at length. For science. #

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  • 15:25 Greta Christina writes about the trope 'good in bed' over at the @BlowfishTwitter blog: tinyurl.com/wombatjelly (great TinyURL, huh?) #
  • 16:17 Via @snafu_ed: Teenager Hospitalized After Branding (AKA What Else is There to Do in Ukiah?) twurl.nl/h6mb64 #
  • 16:32 Via @cephalopodcast: What's better than octopuses and robots? Robotic octopuses! tinyurl.com/cw4pn6 (artificial ententaclization?) #
  • 18:34 RT @mysticconn: Win apron from Boojiboo tinyurl.com/cc3xay [My faves: tinyurl.com/belladamask, tinyurl.com/owlishapron] #
  • 18:59 Om nom NOM! @tutordennis just made the tastiest corned sneef and cabbage w/ homemade horseradish sauce and roasted potatoes EVAR. #
  • 19:43 Here’s the new sign I made for my Etsy shoppe, Theriaca Fina: www.flickr.com/photos/nullalux/3374616962/ (incidental nipple warning) #
  • 20:12 Heading to post-St. Patrick's party. Wearing torn lace and polka dots. No relation. #
  • 20:15 Do you eat food? Late brunch tmw (Sun, 22 Mar) at Hobees Redwood Shores starting ~2P: www.hobees.com/redwood.html (Cool kids only.) #

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  • 08:35 Enjoying a bit of Bengal-time before to-do list today. #
  • 08:39 @bookwoman84: Hm, my compliments from me to you/On your most intriguing hat/Consider tho this substitute/A bat in the place of this old rat! #
  • 10:32 Allegro Kenya coffee and grits with agave nectar for breakfast, compliments of @tutordennis. Grit-kissing may or may not have been involved. #
  • 10:35 @abditus: Yay for gainful employ, boo for Leeloo's escape. #
  • 14:17 ,o???L?? ?? ???w;? #
  • 17:09 Apologies for Bengal keyboard antics. She exhibits total pretense of innocence: I see my reputation is at stake; my fame is shrewdly gored. #
  • 17:13 @katealaurel: On the edge of my seat: Clearly, medicine is not only a descriptive metaphor for rhetoric, but part of how Plato understands it. #
  • 17:21 Sitting in waiting room at Kaiser for flu vaccination, amusing myself by reading dusty copy of The Mother Earth News. #
  • 17:25 Article is about butchering one's own livestock at home. Mesmerized by hog anatomy. #
  • 18:22 @tutordennis: Some premium Spencer-lovin'? It ain't gonna Spence itself, you know. www.flickr.com/photos/nullalux/2752272760 #
  • 21:15 The way to my heart is apparently excellent mashed potatoes and gravy. Also cool-looking dead moths. Unrelatedly. #
  • 21:19 Tip: Make sure moth is really dead before attempting to apply polyurethane varnish. Just saying. #
  • 00:02 Inspired to mod stained glass nightlight for main upstairs loo. Does this mean I'm back in the workshop and thus must actually organize it? #

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Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] makellan and [livejournal.com profile] jixel!
  • 16:13 Oatmeal is goooood. @tutordennis really outdid himself on this last batch. Fresh-grated nutmeg, the works. #
  • 16:16 The dear Bengal, sometimes aka the Bane of my Existence, loves to recline on my laptop. So I gave her a heating pad, which she adores. But! #
  • 16:28 I left my Macbook for a nanosec, and she abandoned the pad just to sit on it! (And in doing so sent the Girl a rather confusing IM. Hee.) #
  • 16:38 All glowy. And I don't think it's the narcotics. *hums a little hum* #
  • 17:13 SF clinic offers free medical care for dance-related injuries:
    tinyurl.com/yo7q8m/c/a/2009/01/31/BA9U15JMCA.DTL #
  • 23:41 @cosmos_moon: The glow of a tiny fire for you: www.flickr.com/photos/nullalux/sets/72157594563264721/detail/ #

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  • 09:31 @teawiththecheat: But the junk in your trunk is surely one of your greatest assets. #
  • 14:13 Snuggled all through Thai food and "Psycho Beach Party" last night with the Girl. tinyurl.com/5uugs9 #
  • 14:53 Pain pep-squad doing a bit much rah-rah-sis-boom-bah yesterday, so lymphatic massage @ 5P. But recovery's going much more quickly this time! #
  • 23:25 I've misplaced my glasses (exactly how is left as an exercise for the reader), and took the opportunity to mod out my spare cat-eye frames. #
  • 23:42 @mactavish: Arugula pesto is also mighty tasty: tinyurl.com/arugulapestoyum #

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  • 03:20 ♪ She used to just stand there and smile / And her eyes would go all sort of far away / And stay like that for quite a while ♪ #
  • 09:09 Afghan Pumpkin Bolani for breakfast: www.bolaniandsauce.com/html/Bolanis.html #
  • 13:58 Thinking that @tutordennis's roasted red pepper looks questionable: twitpic.com/12k8b #
  • 18:16 Rocking out to the Beowulf soundtrack. #
  • 20:19 Baking gingerbread. House smells marvelous. #
  • 20:56 'Thrown Away' Dog Saves Little Girl's Life: tinyurl.com/8ru8r4 #
  • 23:34 Happy tummy from @tutordennis's portabello and exotic mushrooms with stewed tomatoes and tarragon over barley and brown rice. #
  • 23:47 Received very kind words from @rumhud, whose work I've admired for some time. Cheers! #

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Last week, [livejournal.com profile] fan_boy took me out to Millennium, my very favorite restaurant, for my last meal (as 'twere). It was so marvelous, I'd be happy even if I could never chew again. We ordered from their four-course May Market Summer's Early prix fixe menu, and went with the optional wine pairings as well.

The first course was a Grilled Porcini Salad with shavel fennel, frisee, fava beans, spring onion, and a sherry-walnut vinaigrette. On top was grilled bruschetta with truffled onion butter. The salad was paired with a nice Pinot Gris. The second course was Sage Gnocchi with seared morel mushrooms, gigante beans, and carmelized onion-brandy cream, paired with a French Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon. I enjoyed both wines, a rarity as I often prefer reds.

For the third course, we had two options, so the Boy chose one and I ordered the other. He had Spring Garlic Kim Chee Griddle Cake with shitake mushrooms, snap peas, turnips and bok choy, Korean Kochujand sauce, and anise-glazed tofu. On the side was a Lapsang Souchong sweet soy, sprout and Asian aromatic salad, and it was paired with a very robust Sangiovese. I had the Ron de Nice Napoleon, a corn, zucchini, fennel and sun-dried tomato hash with layers of cornmeal-encrusted summer squash and grilled portobello mushroom, accompanied by very thinly-sliced cucumber garlic pickle, all drizzled with gold habanero coconut cream and smoked paprika oil. My Merlot was perfect.

Dessert was Carmelized Aprium Upside Down Ginger Cake with coconut vanilla bean anglaise and blackberry ice cream. A Muscat de Rivesaltes rounded things out nicely. Throughout the meal, we chatted with [livejournal.com profile] savorie and [livejournal.com profile] nasu_dengaku, who by very happy coincidence were seated at the adjacent table. In between making oh-my-this-tastes-amazing noises, of course.
Taken from a Miami Herald article posted in [livejournal.com profile] dot_cattiness:
Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards told those at the rally about Miriam "Ma" Ferguson, a Texas governor during the 1920s. The driving issue then was whether to punish school children for speaking Spanish. Richards related, "They asked Ma how she stood on the issue, and she said if the English language was good enough for Jesus Christ, it was good for the schoolchildren of Texas. There are still people who believe Jesus Christ spoke English. And they all voted for George Bush."

Register to vote (or update your registration information) via this link, and you might win 100K from VOTEorNOT.org. I'd been meaning to do it, and today was the day (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] linenoise).

It's been lovely and rainy out, and I spent a quiet evening correcting papers next to [livejournal.com profile] threetimes and then playing cards with [livejournal.com profile] tutordennis (and the kitties) in front of a crackling fire. Dennis made nummy African ground-nut stew for dinner, which added to the autumn-like atmosphere (must be the sweet potatoes). There's something about a rainy day that makes me want to eat soup and curl up in the window seat of a big bay window in a room with a fireplace.
Well, on Saturday, I made nummy portabello sandwiches for dinner, with which we enjoyed a nine-year old bottle of the raspberry-peach mead that Dennis, B, and I brewed together and just recently rediscovered in the garage. We then watched the first few eps of The Tick. Even in the live-action version, there are enough tropes to keep me amused.

Class prep began this week, and I just met my students today. Such shining faces. It almost makes up for the insanity of getting my classroom together. The instructor that used my room over the summer pretty much leveled everything, and left a lovely mess besides. I feel as though I've caught a bad case of anvils (i.e. falling from the sky). NB: [livejournal.com profile] tutordennis has gone above and beyond the call of duty, sifting tirelessly through the chaos with me. Well, that might be hyperbole; there's been weariness aplenty.
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( Aug. 12th, 2004 05:17 pm)
Name meme from [livejournal.com profile] anaxareteia. I thought some of my names were rather diverting (as in amusing, not circumnambulatory). A rose by any other name... )

Yummy dinner last night thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tutordennis, chef extraordinare: black-eyed peas and rice, collards, and cornbread. Even [livejournal.com profile] threetimes could vouch for its Southern goodness, and he should know. Aside: Geo's Georgian roots were the source of recent levity; he said (in reference to a dear friend), "I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers," and then looked puzzled at the ensuing mirth.