1:18pm RT @steamteam: RT @choklit: Help Baby Seal Club get our own custom Facebook URL - be a fan of our new page! http://tinyurl.com/ly57yb
1:34pm It's a poor sort of memory that only works backward. ~Lewis Carroll
7:19pm Unnecessary Quotation Marks: http://ow.ly/gebz (Although this gaffe is annoying enough that I wonder why one would seek out examples.)
7:23pm The Gallery of the Absurd: Abandon sense, all ye who enter here http://ow.ly/gecN
9:23pm The Bean just nipped right through my MacBook cord. Plus, she's spotted. Rabbits, man. http://ow.ly/gjkX
12:17am ♫♪ I'm waiting for the train / the subway that only goes one way ♪♫ - Bright Eyes covers Elliott Smith: http://blip.fm/~96ptw
1:08am The Treacle Well: @nullalux has changed her Tumblr blog layout and updates. Peruse if you are inclined: http://ow.ly/gf1q

Nota Bene: So apparently LoudTwitter (@loudtweeter) is dead: http://loudtwitter.typepad.com/loudtwitter/. Any other similar options (auto-posts from Twitter to another blog, such as LJ) out there? ETA: Has anyone used Twittinesis: http://twittinesis.com/whatis/?
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