• 19:26:15: RT @paulandstorm: [S] In the 4th century A.D., a vast empire is consolidated and comforted by Attila the Hug. #alternatehistory
  • 19:30:01: How delightful, a pox.
  • 19:42:30: RT @shoutingboy: Go tell the Lacedemonians that we lie here until brunchtime. #alternatehistory [See why I love this man?]
  • 20:03:43: I'm hunched over a typewriter; I guess you call that painting in a cave, and there's a word I can't remember and a feeling I cannot escape.
  • 20:35:08: I know what would be awesome... http://bit.ly/96bxC #moonfruit
  • 20:46:34: Baby fruit bat yawning! http://ow.ly/gq74 (via @thestapeliaco)
  • 20:57:00: RT @CurioCabinet: The Skull Cathedral of Otranto, Italy (via Morbid Anatomy): http://bit.ly/imySp
  • 23:45:37: I am devoured, so very sweetly.

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