• 09:51:10: Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; or close the wall up with our English dead.
  • 14:18:26: Productive meetings this morning, and lunch at Sprout Cafe in Palo Alto.
  • 15:56:17: How exciting! Seems someone hacked my credit card and tried to go on a bit of a crime spree. Glad my bank flagged it.
  • 18:48:02: So the inside of my head has been nominated as AWESOME. Go vote for X-Ray Vision on AwesomeOff.com (via @ivanawesomeoff): http://ow.ly/gDRt
  • 22:20:08: Oh yes. "Futureworld" (circa 1976) is the cat's pajamas. "I'm a 500; I'm not programmed for sex" is my new pick-up line. http://ow.ly/gEn0
  • 22:26:00: Almost tops last week's "Waxwork" and its stunning sequel "Waxwork II: Lost in Time." (http://ow.ly/gEo5 and http://ow.ly/gEof)

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