• 18:59 @ragani: How funny! Yes, I found him most delightful. #
  • 19:04 In other news, jaw still broken. Still king. Perhaps latter part was one of those frequent narcotic hallucinations. This is me not minding. #
  • 23:01 Happily ensconsed with me mum and me sis, watching funnies on the cathode ray. Who knew my family had super-secret jaw-healing powers? #
  • 01:20 So I awoke dreamily in the middle of the night to take pain meds and attempt to brush my teeth afterward with my special Hello Kitty brush. #
  • 01:37 (I'm a big hygeine fan, even w/out broken jaw.) But alas, I used the handle side, on which princess HK was wearing a VERY pointy tiara. Heh. #

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