• 14:52 Happy Mustache Monday! Who wants a mustache ride? tinyurl.com/dfzu4s #
  • 14:57 @TotusMel: Death is clearly contraindicated here. *hugs* #
  • 15:21 Anatomical knee-highs: tinyurl.com/cz8zc8 #
  • 16:23 The weather here is most caliginous; might I adumbrate that we recall the happy hours we spent aestivating not so very long ago? #
  • 19:35 Futzing about on Soup.io: nullalux.soup.io/ #
  • 19:35 Dinner w/ @teawiththecheat, @tinellaq, @tutordennis at good old Uncle Chen's. #
  • 19:45 My Twitteristics: Tweets 6.2/day, Engaging (above average: 42%), Good Connector (above average: 45%)! mrtweet.net/nullalux?gr #
  • 01:17 Plinky asked me to name a book that changed my mind or opened my eyes: plinky.com/links/7VK #importantbook #
  • 02:10 "They...said I was crazy to try and create a four armed robotic vampire weasel!" Mad scientist photoshop contest: tinyurl.com/madsci #
  • 02:25 Listening to American Gods on audio. I adore @neilhimself, but find myself wishing for Rabbit's dulcet tones reading to me instead. Soon! #
  • 02:45 "Where It's At" graph. Let the x axis be 'Items Possessed' and the y axis be 'Quantities' nullalux.soup.io/post/13111747/Image #

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