• 08:59 @angevin2: Indeed, that house is to die for! tinyurl.com/c2fr4g #
  • 09:08 Plinky asked me to name three songs I could be convinced to sing at a karaoke bar: plinky.com/links/6pF #passthemic #
  • 09:36 There are a million ways to bleed. But you are by far my favourite. #
  • 10:05 I am a house. I am "house," exactly. Sometimes I feel as though I had no door, only windows. tinyurl.com/iamhouse #
  • 10:13 @polutlas: Well, these days I am kinda gimpy and I frequently take narcotics. ;) #
  • 10:23 Leaving crumbs as I make my way through the world. Wind scatters them, birds nibble at them, but I pay that no mind. #
  • 10:23 I don't need to find my way back; I have never left. #
  • 18:43 Fabulous post-op! Then @karenbynight and I met w/ @tutordennis for Ethiopian, Paxton Gate, Borderlands Books, and pirate store meanderings. #

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