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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 11:43 pm)

After being introduced to the idea by delightful [livejournal.com profile] owlacrobat, I have become addicted to my Tumblr, The Treacle Well. Although Twitter is a handy medium for sharing links and other amusements, it's much more pleasant to view the images, quotations, videos, or songs of interest without additional clickage. I think perhaps I will use Tumblr rather than Twitter for such things, and post them here under ye olde ersatz LJ-cut, most likely the following day. Tumblr doesn't have a comments feature, but you may of course respond here on LJ.

The Treacle Well includes a few songs from my Blip.fm and answers from my Plinky questions, but I won't be reposting from Twitter or LJ feeds, so there shouldn't be much overlap. You might find, for example, interesting images, such as this 1928 tidbit on hat-making:

Or inexplicable and wonderful randoms:

Often I will add a few lines of text to the images, small memories or the like. And who wouldn't be even mildly interested in the commentary on the following oddity?

All is yours to peruse as your time and interest allows. Below is a tumble-bumble catch-up from previous days, for reference. Many of these posts were made before I really found my Tumblr muse, as it were.

( 21 February 2009 )

( 20 February 2009 )

( 19 February 2009 )

( 18 February 2009 )

( 17 February 2009 )

( 16 February 2009 )

( 15 February 2009 )

( 14 February 2009 )

( 13 February 2009 )

( 12 February 2009 )

( 11 February 2009 )

I have a Soup blog as well, A Secret Apothecary, but since it is set up to add my content from various websites, it's a bit redundant. I do sometimes post certain things only to the Apothecary. I won't be sharing it on LJ, but feel free to take a look, and add me if you have a Soup account too.


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