Look down The Treacle Well with me...

A sneaky peek:

Oh. My. Hat.
Face-to-face with a Giant Octopus - BBC wildlife (via Cephalopod Tea Party)

( More ephemera from 24 February 2009 )
  • 10:47 Mazel tov to the Grub and family! There is now a Grublet, 9+ lbs! #
  • 10:50 @karenbynight: Sending bravery and good wishes to you and the Calvin-kitty this morning. Please keep us posted. #
  • 12:35 Sunny stroll with Hoi Didymoi; it's been a while. Feels wonderful! #
  • 15:10 Working PT this week; today was the first day I really felt on top of curriculum and management. Huzzah! #
  • 15:38 RT @eorchard: New project with Jeff Vandermeer tinyurl.com/b6jf9w [ETA: Eric's artwork is stunning; can't wait to see the cover.] #
  • 00:02 Indian dinner w/ @tutordennis, and—get this—I *chewed* my food! Bionic jaw? In effect. :D #
  • 00:06 Confession: Whenever I sing out loud, I'm really always singing to you, no matter where you are. #
  • 00:11 @Minafae: Subtract yourself? Might you fold up like a telescope? I must tender my most indignant disapproval of a world with less Mina. :) #
  • 00:32 My house is odd. 2 things I said this morn: "On the top shelf, under the giant glow-in-the-dark cricket" and "Right behind the bag of eyes." #
  • 01:33 @cosmos_moon: You're not alone; I also have way too much geeky fun with PowerPoint. I would hardly know how to present a paper without it. #
  • 01:42 Intense @violetblue column on SF's hot issue: DNA Lounge, LGBT discrimination (?), and suspect motives of CA's ABC bit.ly/38uZy #
  • 02:43 RT @dbvictoria: WETA workshop builds double amputee a mermaid's tail tinyurl.com/c3om3s #

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Look down The Treacle Well with me...

A sneaky peek:
 Lucinda Octavio, Deep Sea Milliner
Lucinda Octavio, Deep Sea Milliner
by Winona Cookie Creations

(Lucinda's enchanting history is behind the cut)

( More ephemera from 25 February 2009 )

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