• 03:10 RT @mollyfried: The Veritas Unicoder, a functional cyphering/Miskatonic translator! tinyurl.com/cvkm86 #
  • 09:41 Theriaca Fina and @nullalux just joined the Handmade Twibe. Visit twibes.com/handmade to join. #
  • 13:55 According to @calshakes, it's "Talk Like Shakespeare Day" (btw, half-price Romeo & Juliet tix today only): talklikeshakespeare.org #
  • 14:08 @unwoman: Oh, the joys of being "that girl from the internet" await you. :) #
  • 14:23 Former student sends stripper to 10-yr reunion in her place, films "I Remember Andrea" documentary: tinyurl.com/AndreaCricket #
  • 14:26 RT @Exploratorium: Exploratorium fans! We need your VOTE; nominated for 2 Webbies (Science & Education) tr.im/iUEH #
  • 14:47 Insects are efficient and compassionate, ruthless and amazingly intelligent at the same time: tinyurl.com/10insectfacts (nice photos) #
  • 14:51 @olorle: That's known as the @steamteam bump, baby. (We twittered about your blog, and we have almost 600 followers.) #
  • 15:12 Via @craft: This Saturday (26 April) is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day www.pinholeday.org/org/ #
  • 17:49 Promoting for a friend: Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries, Victorian reproduction clothing, other whimsical goods. www.blooddrop.com/ #
  • 18:23 Giggling over some of @cockerham's brilliant tomfoolery. www.cockeyed.com/ #
  • 18:28 The Tragedic Comical Historie of Buffy the Slayer of the Vampyres: lifeamgood.com/bu_sh_pro.htm #
  • 18:34 Drastic changes to 7th ed of MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, my secular citation bible: tinyurl.com/prescriptivistHO #
  • 18:39 Modern Medical Marvel: Fir Tree Grows in Living Man's Lung tinyurl.com/FirUral09 #
  • 18:47 Pathological Waxworks, "Palacio de la Escuela de Medicina" in Mexico City (anatomy, NSFW): tinyurl.com/pathological-waxes #
  • 22:17 Perhaps my alt massage therapist will do. He hurt me in all sorts of lovely ways tonight. #

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