• 14:53 Happy First of May, my dears! tinyurl.com/ckht3m #
  • 15:17 RT @CurioCabinet: The 3/50 project to save small businesses tinyurl.com/chfrkc #350proj #
  • 15:49 Many happy returns of the day to @the_end_is_nigh, @Dark_Garden, and @zhaneel! #
  • 15:54 @karenbynight: I use 'via @reply' if I'm not directly quoting the orig Tweet. I use 'RT @reply' otherwise. Does position in Tweet matter? #
  • 17:49 Our box turtle Gilgamesh is humping his driftwood. Again. Seriously dude, *what* is your childhood trauma? #
  • 01:11 Wonderful dinner and Buffy-viewing w/ Rabbit. And there's Blueberry Lemon Creme filled cupcakes ready to go for @Xenarthra's birthday tmw. ♡ #

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