• 12:18 Very fine weekend full of friends, love, hammocks, smoky-tea infused vodka drinks, tea sandwiches, and crabs. #
  • 12:20 Now a bit of a run-about with Hoi Didymoi. We can hear a smoothie calling our names. #
  • 20:44 Aw, @Xenarthra is so dreamy. Me: "Can I feel up your viscera when you get a flesh-eating virus?" Him: "You better." #
  • 21:28 The commercial that's on right now just said "You can just spread it and forget it!" I hope it's a lawn seed commercial. #
  • 21:53 RT @roundmyskull: Recent post on the blog - The gloomy and hilarious aphorisms of Christopher Spranger tinyurl.com/qzq6m6 #
  • 22:37 The enchanting collages of Monica René Rochester: www.myrrhofrochester.net/collages/collages.html #
  • 23:52 @juverna: Mazel tov on job-ness! #
  • 02:09 RT @jonathancoulton: First of May in ASL w/ backup singers (Not Safe For Work Or Anything Else): bit.ly/7k34c #
  • 02:16 In fact, there's a whole set of JoCo's songs in ASL. Pretty phenomenal: bit.ly/OOoZG #

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I am so freekin' happy right now.

'Re: Your Brains' by Jonathan Coulton, performed in ZSL (Zombie Sign Language) by Stephen Torrence )

It has been brought to my attention that my LiveJournal content has been a bit, well, devoid of content lately. In order to remedy this sad state of affairs, I bring you: [livejournal.com profile] goldenmean.

Joshie 2 (vignette)

We've known each other for a couple of years, and some months ago we realized we've fallen roly-poly, pell-mell, tumble-bumble into something unexpected and rather marvelous.

This happy occurrence has also given me the opportunity to hang out with his amazing sister [livejournal.com profile] fairyarmadillo, among other lovelies. His mum and dad are pretty smashing as well.

I shall endeavor to make my updates more update-ish in future. However, prep for Maker Faire has been eating my brain. It promises to be an extraordinary ride.

See us at Maker Faire!

The Etsy Steam Team and Theriaca Fina will be vending at Maker Faire - Bay Area 2009. Visit us in the Carnivale Mechanique exhibit area.


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