• 09:30 "BEST. CONCERT. EVER." (@jonathancoulton's live concert DVD+) now avail: bit.ly/snm1Q (preview it here: tinyurl.com/JoCoPrev) #
  • 09:34 Twitter writing experiment @Wendell_Howe, Temporal Anthropologist w/ the University of Cambridge since 2610 wendellhowe.blogspot.com/ #
  • 09:46 RT @steamteam: Fun! Try searching 'steampunk' (or anything else) on @picfog picfog.com/tag/steampunk #
  • 10:09 RT @CurioCabinet, RT @thestapeliaco: Cool new Extreme Mammal display in Washington, DC bit.ly/7vMml ["Extreme" mammals, er?] #
  • 10:22 RT @thehermitage: Japanese paper cut artist Aoyama Hina's astonishing work bit.ly/GODi8 #
  • 10:32 Mysterious letters: mysteriousletters.blogspot.com/ (via @pomegranates) #
  • 11:56 @willowbl00: I have a FriendFeed (friendfeed.com/nullalux), but I don't really make good use of it. It just auto-updates my feeds. #
  • 13:10 MedGadget unboxes a fascinating 1800s Surgical Kit: bit.ly/AOZY6 #
  • 13:14 New primate fossil 'Ida' is extraordinary human evolutionary find (although article uses annoying term "missing link"): ow.ly/85dU #
  • 14:08 Send digital business cards via Twitter using @twtbizcard. Create a card at twtbizcard.com/, then just add #twtbizcard to any @reply. #
  • 14:18 Check out @nullalux's Twitter BizCard from @twtbizcard: twtbizcard.com/nullalux #
  • 14:24 @cockerham: At @makerfaire, stop by the Carnivale Mechanique-Steam Team (@steamteam) area and say hello! Bring me a contraband PB&J, pls. :D #
  • 14:47 @artmonstergirl: It seems @fuckyoupenguin has finally told Jabba the Tree Frog what's what. tinyurl.com/smugfrog #
  • 15:37 Grooving on function-rich Twitter app TwitIQ (@twitiq): www.twitiq.com/ Nice for managing multiple accounts and more. #
  • 15:57 Wombs, Waxes, and Wonder Cabinets (from the Bioephemera archive by @jesspalmer): ow.ly/8auu #
  • 16:13 ~10 spots left for the corset lacing workshop at @Dark_Garden tonight. Call to register. www.darkgarden.com/ #
  • 17:55 But see, here's the thing: the moon *doesn't* need poetry. #
  • 20:32 I now have more Dreamwidth invite codes; let me know if you'd like one (and your preferred email addy). #
  • 20:40 Very yummy Ethiopian foods with @tutordennis in the Mission. #
  • 20:50 Dreamwidth invite codes snapped up by @mykeamend and @pomegranates. Cheers! nullalux.dreamwidth.org/ #
  • 21:38 RT @makerfaire: Last Call for *Advanced* Tickets to Maker Faire - Bay Area 2009: tinyurl.com/pjtsmt #
  • 21:40 RT @kaden_harris: Common sense has been profoundly compromised. We need an outbreak of *uncommon* sense. #

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