• 11:36:35: Yet another tough vote on AwesomeOff.com! Please note that my head also wants to Save the Whales. So there's that. http://ow.ly/gZBC
  • 11:59:24: Doing some bizznizz over coffee this morning, then off to get more fascinating x-rays of my head.
  • 17:23:10: Good meeting in SF this afternoon. Now some tidying up, and a long-awaited massage.
  • 21:15:57: Even I have a hard time deciding on this one...my X-Ray Vision vs. Caffeine on AwesomeOff.com: http://ow.ly/h1mn (via @ivanawesomeoff)
  • 23:08:24: Come, let me show you where I hide my heart.

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