• 12:27:06: Very many happy returns of the day to @tutordennis, my little cabbage!
  • 12:29:30: RT @james_gunn: I looked out of my eyes and saw a thing.
  • 12:38:13: Birthday lingonberry crepes at Copenhagen with @tutordennis, @karenbynight, and @Xenarthra.
  • 12:41:17: With bonus @princeofwands!
  • 19:30:25: Entranced by miniature food.
  • 19:58:26: Bubble tea and browsing on Valencia (http://ow.ly/h3H6) w/ family. Seeing the world one small bee and one small poem at a time.
  • 21:22:45: @metaphorge: Intriguing concept RE: sperm banks. Do you need to make a withdrawal or a deposit?
  • 22:10:23: Shakin' it like the proverbial Poloroid picture.

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