• 11:08 Thanks to @labelleizzy for submitting my Tweets to @Threadless #twittertee! Vote 'em up: thrdl.es/~/eqi AND thrdl.es/~/eqh #
  • 11:11 Show your favorite farmers market some love and your market could win $5,000. Vote here: www.care2.com/farmersmarket #farmersmarket #
  • 11:41 RT @Exploratorium: "The ubiquitous periodic table will soon have a new addition - the super-heavy element 112" tr.im/p5it #
  • 11:58 Successfully finished wrangling w/ PG&E. And with that, I declare victory over my to-do list. #
  • 12:04 RT @make: What are you making this weekend? Let us know! #
  • 12:16 It's not that difficult, really: use "everyday" as an ADJ and "every day" as an ADV. Ex: I clean every day. I love boring, everyday chores. #
  • 12:21 "Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?" #
  • 12:44 Inhabitat showcases Coffin Shelves: Furniture for Life (and Death) ow.ly/f5sy #
  • 12:46 A new London shop called Worthless! takes your castoff items and turns them into works of art: ow.ly/f5t5 (via @Treehugger) #
  • 12:51 Phallus drewesii: New mushroom species with risque name stands out ow.ly/f5us [insert are-you-happy-to-see-me joke here] #
  • 15:17 RT @steamteam: Call for photos (pref hi-res) on #steampunk at @makerfaire (Bay Area '09) for @Etsy Storque article. Contact @nullalux. #
  • 19:59 Friday night, AKA Death and the Indecent Pair ow.ly/f9nC (NSFW engraving, mors ultima linea rerum, circa 1529) #LOFNOTC #
  • 21:56 Fixing old brass gas lamp some yahoo put diesel gas in. Hope I recall how to reassemble it. Then I'll light it on fire. What could go wrong? #
  • 22:05 Me: Bend to my will, lamp. Mine is an evil laugh! @tutordennis: Your will is puny. Cease your infernal machinations! Me: Where's the hammer? #
  • 00:08 There is nothing like jewelry that says “I would chew my own leg off to get the Hell away from you.” ow.ly/faQT (via @HauteMacabre) #
  • 02:48 Blessed...unconsciousness...is...imminent... #

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