• 11:17 My dessert kitty trifles were NOMinated for @Epicute: ow.ly/fL8r #
  • 13:22 Embracing the Journey - Tinahdee Beautiful Jewelry's custom silver tag giveaway: ow.ly/fLQ5 #
  • 13:28 Mustaches on a stick! For those special moments... ow.ly/fLSw #
  • 13:35 But in his velvet mind he believes with all his might we'll all go to Alaska when we die: bit.ly/VWCNY #
  • 13:45 Perfect cuddly gifts for like-minded sociopaths. Get your Squash-plush toys while they’re still fresh off the tarmac: ow.ly/fM0H #
  • 14:15 I can hardly wait for my newest @kimvermillion creation to arrive: Kim Boekbinder's charming tentacle shirt ow.ly/fM9V #
  • 14:22 RT @TotusMel: Just finished making and listing this tatted bracelet in brown and brass tinyurl.com/lat39u [Beautiful!] #
  • 15:23 Help name one of @gryph0n's three new steampunk-style digital collages: tinyurl.com/nyylvp #
  • 15:24 RT @choklit: Bay Area locals... hurry forthwith to the Krank-Boom-Clank fundraiser on this coming Sunday! tinyurl.com/kbc-fundraiser #
  • 15:47 RT @steamteam: Our own @choklit has blogged a photo-laden love-letter about @steamteam's @makerfaire experience: ow.ly/fMuv #
  • 16:29 Munching pesto garlic bread and reading Belloc's "Cautionary Tales for Children," as illustrated by Edward Gorey: ow.ly/fMC1 #
  • 00:36 Captain Browneo is for medicinal use only. Or so I'm told. #

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